New product development

We always look forward to future and wish to fly with the flow! That's why we are here with the New Product Development Department. Here, we will look forward with future expansions and improve our products, it's technology. So, our clients can always see new us!

Manufacturing Excellence

This company produce main product Brake Disc & Drum. Company used to manufacturing product as per order for special customers.

Manufacturing Process

Every product requires different process as different products such as Brake Disc & Drum etc…….

I.    Process for Brake Disc:

     1.    Order from the Customer
     2.    U.G. Model Developed –Design of the Product
     3.    Raw Material inspection & select as per specification 
     4.    Foundry Material
     5.    Material Addition
     6.    Molding
     7.    Melting Sheet
     8.    Melting Inspection
     9.    Fettling
     10.    Casting Inspection
     11.    Shot blasting
     12.    Rough Machining
     13.    Visual Inspection
     14.    CNC Machining
     15.    Run out & Height Gauge (Height, Total Length & Depth) Inspection
     16.    VMC Machining
     17.    Final Inspection
     18.    Oil & Dipping
     19.    Marking
     20.    Packaging
     21.    Inventory
     22.    Ready to Dispatch

Design Engineering

Design is the outlook of any product. It is the physical appearance of a product. Design attracts the customers. Designing a product is very toughest task now day. Computers are used to design a product. From customers point of view design of product should be attractive. Easy to open, install, learn, how to use, repair, and dispose off.


Automobile industries finding stuff competition. So it’s becomes very important to make research and find out the way to fight with this competition. The only way that available is that innovate the product. So, different design of the product plays very important role.


R.M.Engineering has developed more than 150 different types of Brake Disc, Drum & Hub and the biggest Brake Disc Range manufacturer in India. They have achieved a growth rate of 50% in terms of revenue as well as numbers. That aim to provide maximum satisfaction to its customer and best utility and more important is given to its design and for that consideration is given to weight, size, maximum  capacity, because that product is finally is used in brake system.


So, finally we can say that design is very important while taking decision regarding product.